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Common problems your pool may experience.

Now that you know what dirty water can cause your pool, it’s time to have a more in-depth insight into what problems the pool itself may go through. Keep in mind that there are several types of pools in the market, so each situation is unique. 

We’re providing you with a list of the most common problems pool owners have. If you need more information on your case, request our Riverside County pool service proudly service all Riverside County including cities such as: Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Riverside, Corona, and Temecula.

Pool Turned Green?

Green Water

You already know that dirty water can cause several problems for your pool, but how can you know that your pool water is contaminated? In most cases, your pool water is going to turn green as time passes by, which is the clearest indicator that your pool water got dirty.

Normally, a pool turned green can happen because algae are growing in it. Keep in mind that chlorine levels must always be at a reasonable level to prevent these microorganisms from growing. However, if you don’t give your pool frequent maintenance, these chlorine levels can lower significantly, causing green water.

As we’ve mentioned before, having green/dirty water can cause a vast amount of health problems for everyone going inside that pool, so you may want to assess the situation quickly. The best way to tackle the issue is to call our Riverside, Murrieta, Corona, and Hemet pool service so that we can clean your pool promptly.

One thing that you can do to lighten the problem before we clean the pool is removing debris manually; we don’t suggest that you use a vacuum since you can clog it if the water’s too dirty. If you can’t clear up the debris, don’t worry; our pool service in La Quinta, Temecula, Palm Desert, and Corona can also help you with that.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool Filter Services

Pool filter maintenance is a crucial factor to keep in mind if you want your pool water to come in clean. A filter may get dirty or damaged by several external factors, and you may need to clean them differently depending on the type of filter you have.

The three most common types of filters are sand filters, cartridge filters, and Diatomaceous Earth Filters. While cleaning a filter is a straightforward process, you may need a reasonable number of materials if you want it to get done right.

Remember that pool filters tend to get clogged with debris as time passes. If you don’t give your pool proper maintenance, your filter may spread out dirty water, bacteria, and viruses. To look at it from another perspective, the pool filter is responsible for spreading the chemicals you add to the pool to keep it clean; if the pool is dirty, these chemicals are not going to be properly spread.

Keeping a pool filter clean is an activity that requires consistency. While there are some filter types that don’t require a high level of maintenance, you likely need to check your filter at least once per month to verify that it’s running correctly.

We know that cleaning a pool filter can be exhausting, and it requires too much time and materials to get it done; that’s why we’re offering you our help. Our pool cleaning team can take care of all the processes, from getting the materials to giving your pool scheduled maintenance. In short, you only have to worry about enjoying your pool while we do the rest.

Pool Acid Wash Service

A pool acid wash is also referred to as a “Drain and Clean” process; it’s done whenever the pool’s bottom has turned completely black and can’t be visible from the top. In cases where you can still see the floor, you may clean the pool by using some chemicals and filtering. However, when it’s not visible, you may need professional cleaning.

To help you understand a bit better, a pool acid wash involves removing mineral deposits and stains from your pool by removing a thin layer of it. After the process is completed, our team acid-washes the pool and re-fills it with cleaner water.

Keep in mind that not all pool surfaces can be acid-washed, such as fiber-glass, acrylic, vinyl, etc. If you want to know if your pool is optimal to be acid-washed, it may be best for you to call our team to verify. 

Performing an acid wash by yourself can be extremely dangerous since it involves several hazardous chemicals. Our team of professionals is trained to deal with these kinds of materials each day, so we’re your best option at cleaning your pool properly!

We’re providing you with a list of the most common problems pool owners have. If you need more information on your case, request our Riverside County pool service proudly service all Riverside County including cities such as: Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Riverside, Corona, and Temecula.

Pool Filter Pool Draining and Fill-up

Low Water Levels

Did you know that you have to keep your pool water’s level at a particular point to avoid problems with the pump? Most pools come with a clear indicator on how much water you need to put in them so that the pump works efficiently, but in some cases, it may be hard to tell which amount is the right one.

Our experts can ensure your pool is staying at the right level to ensure optimum performance from your equipment.

Many times the water and the chemicals can do damage also. It is a good idea to periodically change out the water by draining your pool and adding new fresh water. Our experts can drain and fill your pool which is also a perfect time to do any repairs that may need to be done!

Black Algae Issue?

Stained Pool Repair

Pools are likely to develop black spots to the sides or bottom; this is a completely common issue, but it’s not one you should ignore. Black spots appear due to black algae growing in the pool. In common cases, the best fix to the issue is to scrub the stain and apply an algaecide to break down the algae.

However, completing this process efficiently may be complicated to do if you haven’t done it before. There may be some cases where the spots don’t go away, so you need to call a professional to take care of the issue.

Thankfully, all of our county pool services including our Corona, Riverside, Palm Springs, and Temecula pool service has trained for years in treating black algae, so you don’t have to worry about these stains anymore once you call us.

Want to Switch to Salt Water?

Saltwater Pool System

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