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Plumbing and Electrical Problems? Equipment not working properly?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Things break and need repaired. When that happens you need someone you can trust and someone that knows the entirety of a pool. Plumbing or Electrical issues? Heater not working? Pump sucking air? We can first diagnose the problem and inform you the steps needed in order to remedy the issue. Then, with your approval, we will get the problem fixed at the earliest possible time. Because there are so many issues that could go wrong and so many things that may need to be fixed, we have only listed a few. But know that whatever problem arises, our professional repairmen can come to the rescue.

Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Pool Leak Repair Service

Have you ever noticed that your pool water levels are continually decreasing? This may be because of a pool leak. In some cases, a leak may not be easily noticeable, so you need to pay attention to any signs of leaking in your pool and request help as soon as possible.

Overall, here are some common indicators that you have a pool leak:

• A decrease in water levels.
• Algae growth.
• Dirt blown into your pool.
• Water pools under your pump.
• Higher water and energy bills.
• Water pools in surrounding areas.
• Broken pool tiles.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you may be experiencing a leak in your pool. These problems are relatively common, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to fix them. If you want to take care of the issue properly, call our Riverside, Corona, Palm Springs, and Temecula and other pool maintenance teams.

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